How to Become A Registered Nurse in Australia

The nursing profession is evergreen when it comes to the demand for professionals. In Australia, the demand for nurses outweighs the supply because of an increase in the aging population. The increased importance of chronic and acute care is another contributor to this demand.

Registered Nurses (RN) are recognized health care professionals in Australia.According toAHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency), in 2021 there were over 350,000 general RNs in Australia and over 74,000 enrolled nurses (EN).

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia provides the registration standards for nurses. The core registration standards focus on language skills, criminal history, professional development, the recency of practice, and professional indemnity insurance.These standards apply to currently registered nurses and midwives along with the applicants.

Study path for becoming a registered nurse

To become a registered nurse in Australia, you have to complete a 3-year bachelor’s degree in nursing. The courses you will study are usually a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge. You will be working in different healthcare departments, including operation theaters, intensive care units, elderly care facilities, etc. A typical bachelor’s degree exposes you to different areas of nursing, so you get a better understanding of the type of nursing that is best for you.

Undergraduate nursing courses are easy to find– most universities and some technical education institutes offer them. Of course, some universities will have better programs than others so you should do your due diligence before selecting one. The courses also vary in length and type – there are full-time, part-time, and distance learning programs.

After graduating, you must apply to AHPRA to get permission to practice as anRN. If you wish to continue studying, you can apply for a specialization in different fields like critical care, rehabilitation, mental health, etc. Full-time postgraduate studies usually span two years.

Alternative nursing paths

Obtaining an undergraduate or graduate degree is not an option everyone has. an alternative to these options is to get a diploma in nursing. A variety of diplomas are available at vocational institutions. These diplomas enable you to work as a division two or enrolled nurse (EN).

Job description of an RN

Registered nurses perform a variety of functions as part of the core team at a health care facility. They are involved in administering medication, communicating with patients about their medical history, informing patients about their health and treatment, and creating patient-specific treatment plans. In Australia, some of the areas RNs specialize in include: rehabilitation, pediatrics, rural area, aboriginal health, surgical, mental health, and oncology.

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